Curriculum Vitae

Edward J. McCluskey

Professional Experience
Corporate and Advisory Boards
Professional Society Positions
Editorial Activities
Conference Committees

Professional Experience

1967 - present: Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Stanford University
1976 - present; Director Center for Reliable Computing,Stanford University
1970-81: Founding Chairman, Computer Engineering Program, Stanford University
1969-78: Founding Director Digital Systems Laboratory, Stanford University
1969-78, Founding Director Stanford Computer Forum, Stanford University
1963-67: Professor of Electrical Engineering,Princeton University
1961-66: Director of Computer Center, Princeton University
1959-63: Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Princeton University
1955-59: Technical Staff, Electronic Telephone Office Design, Bell Telephone Laboratories

Temporary Positions
1991:University of Illinois: H. Earle Thompson Distinguished Professor, March-May,
1980: DEC: Summer Faculty Fellow,
1979: IBM T.J. Watson Research Center: Distinguished Visiting Faculty,
1978: Tokyo and Kyoto Universities: JSPS Fellowship, ;
1966-7: Stanford University: Visiting Professor of Elect. Eng. and Computer Science,
1966: RCA Sarnoff Research Center:Summer Faculty Fellow,
1961: MIT Lincoln Laboratory: Summer Faculty Fellow,
1960: IBM: Summer Faculty Fellow,

University Service

Engineering Library Committee


Other Professional Activities

International Test Conference, Digital Test Principles Tutorials, 1988 - 1998
Patentee with T.T. Dao and L.K. Russell, "Multivalued Integrated Injection Logic Circuitry and Method," No. 4,140,920, 1979.

Corporate and Advisory Boards

Advisor to the Board of Directors, Tychi, Inc., 2000
Technical Advisory Board, Ambit, 1998
Board of Directors, Syntest Corp., Synthesized Computer Systems, 1993-1998
Board of Directors, Synthesized Computer Systems
Technical Advisory Board, NCR
Scientific Advisory Group, General Precision


Engineering: LSI Logic, 1997, Advise on strategies for zero manufacturing defects;
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratiories, Inc.
Brothers Electronics, Inc.;
Pyramid Technology.;
Cirrus Logic;
Chips and Technologies;
AIDA Corp.;
Intel Corp.;
H-P Corp.;
Lockheed Corp.;
Schlumberger Computer Aided Systems;
Siemens Corporate Research and Technology, 1980-1983, Advise on multivalued
logic, error detection and correction methods, built-in self test.
Digital Equipment Corporation;
Data General Corp.;
Xerox Corporation;
Hughes Aircraft Corporation;
Honeywell Corp.;
Microtechnology Corporation;
Payln Associates, Inc.;
Signetics Corporation;
IDA Task Force on Computers in Command and Control.

Expert Witness: Skjerven, Morrell, MacPherson, Franklin & Friel,
1999-present; Lyon & Lyon, 1992-present; Wilson Sonsini Goodgrich & Rosati, Pennie & Edmonds

Professional Society Positions

Emanuel R. Piore Award Subcommittee, 1991-93; Ad Hoc Visitor for Computer Engineering, 1980-2; Fellow Committee, 1979-80; Long Range Planning Committee, 1971; Proceedings Editorial Board, 1966-8
President, 1970-1; Chairman, Fellows Committee, 1975-6;
Chairman, 1970; Vice Chairman for Technical Activities, 1969; Fellow Committee, 1968; Awards Committee, 1967; San Francisco Chapter: Chairman, 1969-1970; Administrative Committee, 1964-1970; Technical Committee on Switching and Automata Theory, Chairman, 1964-6,; Transactions on Computers, Associate Editor, 1961-5, Review Editor, 1959-1961
Distinguished Visitor's Program Lecturer, 1970
WG 10.4 "Reliable Computing and Fault-Tolerance," Charter Member, 1981-present
Associate Editor, ACM Journal, 1963-9; National Lectureship, 1965-66; Curriculum Committee, 1967-69; SIGARCH Director, 1970-5
Executive Committee, 1972-74; Director, 1970-74;

Editorial Activities

Advisory Board of the IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, 1989-present
IEEE Trans. on Computer-Aided Design, Associate Editor, 1986-7
VLSI Systems Design, Technical Advisor, 1987-9
Computer Systems Science and Engineering, Advisory Editorial Board, 1986-
IEEE Design and Test Magazine, Editorial Board, 1983-86
Series Editor for Prentice-Hall Series in Computer Engineering, 1987-89

Conference Committees

General Chairman, Annual IEEE BAST Workshop, 1990-2001
Pacific Northwest Test Workshop Steering Committee, 1990-1991
Program Committee, Int. Fault Tolerant Computing Symp., 1983,4,5,7,8,9; 1990,2,5
Program Committee, IEEE Asian Test Symposium, 2000
Program Committee, IEEE ICCAD, 1985-87
Program Committee, IEEE International Workshop on IDDQ Testing, 1999
Program Committee, IEEE International High Level Design Validation and Test Workshop, 1996-9
Program Committee, IEEE International Test Synthesis Workshop, 1994-9
Program Committee, IEEE On-Line Testing Workshop, 1997-8
Program Committee, IEEE International Workshop on Testing Embedded Core-based System-Chips, 1997-9
Program Committee, IEEE VLSI Test Symposium, 1992-2001
Organizing Committee, IEEE DFT Workshop
Organizing Committee, IEEE BIST Workshop
CoChairman, Fifth Annual IEEE Workshop on Design for Testability. 1982
USA Program Chairman, 3rd USA Japan Computer Conference, 1978
General Chairman, 5th Annual Symposium on Computer Architecture, 1978
General Conference Chairman, Int'l Symp. on Fault-Tolerant Computing (FTCS-3), 1973
General Chairman, Third Symposium on Operating Systems, 1971

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