PhDs Supervised

Edward J. McCluskey

Stanford University

  1. T.H. Bredt, Control of Parallel Processes, 1970
  2. F.W. Clegg, Algebraic Properties of Faults in Logic Networks, 1970
  3. D.D. Chamberlin, Parallel Implementation of a Single Assignment Language, 1971
  4. D.J. Chesarek, Fault Detecting Experiments for Sequential Machines, 1972
  5. S.H. Fuller, The Analysis and Scheduling of Devices Having Rotational Delays, 1972
  6. D.P. Siewiorek, Fault-Tolerant Computers Using Self-Diagnosis and Hybrid Redundancy, 1972
  7. R.T. Boute, Faults in Sequential Machines: Algebraic Properties and Detection Methods, 1973
  8. A.B. Salisbury, The Evaluation of Microprogram Implemented Emulators, 1973
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  11. G.N. Shapiro, A Functional Approach to Structured Combinational-Logic Design, 1974
  12. L. Svobodova, Computer Performance Measurement and Evaluation Methods: Analysis and Applications, 1974
  13. J.F. Wakerly, Low-Cost Error Detection Techniques for Small Computers, 1974
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  15. J. Losq, Modeling and Reliability of Redundant Digital Systems, 1975
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  17. R.C. Ogus, Design and Evaluation of Ultra-Reliable Hybrid Redundant Digital Systems, 1975
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  19. T.G. Price, Jr., Probability Models of Computer Systems, 1975
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  21. K.P. Parker, Probabilistic Test Generation, 1976
  22. J.J. Shedletsky, Error Latency in Digital Circuits, 1976
  23. A.M. Usas, Error/Management in Digital Computer Input/Output Systems, 1976
  24. R. Betancourt, Analysis and Synthesis of Sequential Circuits Using Clocked Flip-Flops, 1977
  25. J. Savir, Detection of Intermittent Failures in Combinational Circuits, 1977
  26. M.D. Beaudry, Performance Considerations for the Reliability Analysis of Computing Systems, 1978
  27. M.L Blount, Probabilistic Fault Diagnosis Models for Digital Systems, 1978
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  31. M. Namjoo, Concurrent Testing at the Computer System Level, 1983
  32. S. Hassan, Design for Testability Techniques Using Signature Analysis, 1984
  33. S. Bozorgui-Nesbat, Design for Testability: Random Logic and Programmable Logic Arrays, 1985
  34. J.L.A. Hughes, Reliable Digital Systems: Multiple Fault Detection and Totally Self-Checking Comparators, 1986
  35. A. Mahmood, Concurrent Checking Using Watchdog Processors, 1986
  36. H. Amer, Computer Systems: Modeling and Reliability Issues, 1987.
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  45. L. Avra, Synthesis Techniques for Built-in Self-Testable Designs, 1994.
  46. P. Franco, Testing Digital Circuits for Timing Failures by Output Waveform Analysis, 1994.
  47. S. Ma, Testing BiCMOS and Dynamic CMOS Logic, June 1995.
  48. S. Makar, Checking Experiments for Scan Chain Latches and Flip-Flops, June 1996.
  49. N. Touba, Synthesis Techniques for Pseudo-Random Built-In Self-Test, June 1996.
  50. R. Norwood, Sytnesis-for-Scan: Reducing Scan Overhead with High-Level Synthesis, Dec. 1997.
  51. T.Y.J. Chang, Voltage Screens for Early-Life Failures in CMOS Integrated Circuits, June 1998.
  52. S. Mitra, Diversity Techniques for Concurrent Error Detection, June 2000.
  53. N. Oh, Software Implemented Hardware Fault Tolerance, Dec. 2000.
  54. Huang, W.-J., Dependable Computing Techniques for Reconfigurable Hardware, June 2001.
  55. Shirvani, P.P., Fault-Tolerant Computing for Radiation Environments, June 2001.
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  61. Erik Volkerink, Design for Testability Techniques for Scan Compression, June 2004.

Princeton University

  1. M.H. Lewin, Negative-Resistance Elements as Digital Computer Components, 1960
  2. E.P. Stabler, Methods of Magnetic Logic, 1961
  3. T.A. Dolotta, The Coding Problem in the Design of Switching Circuits, 1961
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  7. E.B. Eichelberger, Sequential Circuit Synthesis using Hazards and Delays, 1963
  8. J.F. Gimpel, Some Minimization Problems in the Design of Gate-Type Combinational Switching Networks
  9. A.D. Hall, Treatment of Delays in Asynchronous Networks

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